All it takes is a sparkle of inspiratio

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You are welcome!
I would like to know more about you

Are you willing to see your sensitivity as a quality in life? Or as that may sound as something strange: are you willing to transform into you, with sensitivities. A ‘you’ able to cope with life and your sensitivity.
Instead of complaint oriented, you can transform to embrace life. I have seen this with many clients.
Instead of being problem oriented, you can become truly goal oriented.
To seek and to fulfill what you intend to! And good intentions come from the Heart. Find it!

Are you willing to stand firm, in good contact with Earth? To stand up for yourself, for what you believe in, without aggression. Yes I know that they teach aggression in other places. But aggression is unnecessary. You can stand firm, stand ground without aggression, and make a deep impression.

Are you willing to connect to your Self and thereby connect from the Heart with others? You can do too. I have seen it happen repeatedly with the method you find here.

Are you willing to make the difference? Make a difference in your place, small or large in your neighborhood, your community. You need fuel for that. You need tools for that. They are available. I tell you, connect to your Hear and you find a Gem that can help you.

How about you?

Are you willing to step into this method?
To gain the advantages that others gained too. The benefits mentioned most are:

  • Get into contact with your Self
  • Gain in balance and self confidence
  • Quiet the thinking, gain a clearer head
  • Get centered within a split second
  • Find insight into yourself
  • Find that comforting feeling
  • Soothe the body
  • Able to stand up for yourself
  • Find joy
  • Learn to listen to your Self and find guidance
  • Shield and protect yourself from bad energy


How about you? Make the next step, use your sensitivities.



Although this method helps sensitive people, I learned that for some the whole method is not in reach. For almost everyone, the basic part, grounding in one second is in reach. But some people lack the capacity for enough body awareness. For them, the method is not suited. They need treatment first. For example, lack of enough body awareness is true for eating disorders like Anorexia and some stages of Bulimia. They should stay away from this method and get treatment first.

For people with some form of psychopathology, it is advised to get council from a health professional first. Get treated, then get advised from the health professional whether this method is suited. Maybe, with guidance from a health professional it is.