All it takes is a sparkle of inspiratio

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About me, Ronald Martens

I am born as a highly sensitive, with psychic qualities. It took years until I was in my twenties before I noticed I am sensitive. Before that, I was one of those ‘comfortably numb’ people.

In working as an Information technology engineer I sensed I missed something. I discovered it had to do with people. I studied an MBA and graduated in Business Intelligence. I excelled at marketing before the Internet reshaped that field. Then I started working for my company as an Internet Consultant for large internationals, medium-sized national companies and small local companies.

But still a part of me was missing. I noticed many times a glow in my chest. A glow that became stronger and stronger. I learned from that glow, and I learned how to work with that inner power. I also learned that many religions and cultures have given words for that glow. Like 'Jewel in the Heart', 'Heart Sutra', 'The Heart is the Gate', 'inner Gem'. I discovered that this glow is UNIVERSAL. With help from that glow I searched and got into contact with hypnotherapy, regression therapy. Working with people as a therapist student felt nice and rewarding. After I passed the four-year study, for therapist (in hypnotherapy), I started my practice.

From the start sensitive people came to me. As I gathered numbers it turned out to be 97% of my clients! I quickly learned many things about sensitive people. In the demands and requests from the clients a method for sensitive people was shaped. It meets the needs for many sensitive people. I discovered that clients respond very well to that glow they find in their chest. It becomes a big help in their lives. Once opened, it usually cuts down needed therapy time!
The Heart is a driving force in my life and other people can experience the Heart as a driving force too!

At a time I went for a Zen weekend. I had practiced ZaZen already for some years. In that weekend with my sensitive abilities I sensed the Universe in my ZaZen teacher. At the Christian monastery where the ZaZen weekend took place there are other monks and a priest where I sensed the same Universe. 
This is how I lookDuring that weekend I, completely let go of everything in life. Something happened to me like a metaphor expression: Like the camel that passes through the eye of a needle. After an explosion like something, I went into the unsayable. When I at the same time became aware of Nothing and Everything I went into experiencing. I am still developing or unwinding after this experience. I realized that this event is extraordinary. I gained the insight that one can connect through the Heart. Through my clients and me interacting, the method for connecting through the Heart developed.

The next step in my process is that the glow in my chest propels me to write a book. To let other sensitive people know about this method and help them become more of themselves. Become more able in life using their sensitivities. In general this means for many a sensitive person, reducing suffering in life, it means increasing well-being in life.
You can find more on me on my LinkedIn page.