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What are cookies and why do we use them?

A web cookie is a small file that is stored through your web browser onto your computer device. This small file can be used to store information. The information stored ranges from simple time information about the session at the website to detailed information on your web browsing behaviour. The EU Cookie directive is implemented as a reaction to the excessive use of the browsing gathering. It depends on the website you brwose what is used in the cookie.
If the software of the website detects that you are a EU visitor, then you will see a notification on cookies.

We at make moderate use of cookies. 


  • We use functional cookies for the functioning of the content management system CMS of this website. Without cookies it could not function. These cookies are necessary e.g. for the use of forms or for optimizing website content. At the end of your session these cookies expire.

  • We use cookies for the functioning of the social media buttons and for translation of webpages. These are so called third-party cookies. Without them you would not be able to share your user experience with other people. The other side of these cookies is, that social media sites use them for their marketing and make a living from it. 
    If you do not want these cookies you can do two things. a. You can clean these cookies before and after use of this website. Most browsers have settings where you can remove them. b. The other is that you can leave this site without knowing what information is here and what it is we do. For your browsing (translation, social media) experience we decided to use the third party cookies.

  • We do not make use of statistical cookies..

  • At this time we do not make use of advertorial cookies. This may change in the future, and if we do so, you will see it explained here. For your convenience and information, did you know that at Google advertising opt-out page you can find interesting links for US and EU customers where you can opt-out from certain ad providers. Next to this it is possible to use Do-Not-track-Me software or add-ons in your bowsers.