Qualities that come with sensitivity

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Multiple ways to get there.

I know there are multiple ways to open up to your Heart. Different religions have their words to describe the meaning. You can look into that yourself and you will learn about the Heart Sutra, the images showing the beam of light from the Heart, The jewel in the Heart. I certainly have forgotten to mention other statements from other religions. If you want to, you can comment on it and mention them.
Other ways with rich spiritual insights exist and they take a long time. You can use those other ways and use this approach too. Chances are that it will accelerate your spiritual growth and deepen experiences in life. The short route I present you delivers results, enriches your life but it cannot give all the precious little gems that other ways during years of practicing deliver during years of study in monastery. I hope you see that the invested time differs quite substantially.
People that practice a religion or spiritual approach that live outside a monastery face “scratching the surface” as life may make demands on them, luring them away, leaving little time for practice. These people benefit from the offered approach because the Heart can help them find deeper levels of experience although life still makes its demands. If you are not interested in a religion or spirituality, then you can reap the benefits from personal growth that this approach offers too.