Qualities that come with sensitivity

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Is it difficult to find my Self?

That is a serious question. It depends on your life circumstances today and when you were a child.
It does not need to be difficult. You need the knowledge how to get there. You need tools and a map too. You need information from others that went there already and that can tell you about it. Does this sound straightforward to you? It does make sense. In an analogy it goes like this.
You are planning on a trip to a place you have heard of, but never been yourself. You need a vehicle for traveling, to get there and see for yourself.
The vehicle can be steered from someone and you relax and enjoy the ride. This goes for airplane travels where you need to go to the airport and from the airport to your destination. You are taken care of during flight. Only a minimum of effort is needed. Only a few people can go to their Heart in an airplane flight like effort. These are what I call the fast clients. They step in and in a few sessions they reach their Heart. Because so little effort is needed, they mostly have to be remembered about the gem they reach. Can something you get that easy be so worthwhile?
For others, the voyage means stepping into the car and drive. Under way you meet curves and dense traffic; you need to refuel the car, pay attention, and have a few pauses. You know, travel a distance.
When you are fortunate you have a navigation unit taking care of the route to travel. If you do not, you have to look after your route yourself from a map. These people have to put a serious effort to it and pay attention. Fortunately, a map and a plan are present to open up to the Heart.
Another way of traveling is like people that take various transportation means. They use a motor bicycle, train and a car to get there. On the way they may meet other travelers on the train and enjoy their company. These people may use the guided approach from the book and meet other travelers on the social media. They make an effort and they meet people.
I do not know what type of traveling you prefer. What I do know that there are means to get there and the tools and a map exist. If you like company, there are other travelers too.
So you judge for yourself. What kind of traveler are you?