Qualities that come with sensitivity

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The Heart feels great.

When you cannot memorize being in contact with the Heart, then communicating with it can be a pleasant, soothing and joyful experience. An experience that anyone can have, but most are unaware although it is hidden in you. The Heart is waiting for you to be rediscovered. Rediscover? Yes, most people already had access to the treasure, but were unaware of it as a child. For some, it is a very subtle feeling, experienced like a radiation, a glow. The experience can be soothing, it can be full of joy, it can be present, silent but noticeable so you realize that you are never alone. You have backup from a soothing and at the same time impressive strong force. Overall it feels great.
The Heart can be open and warm when you meet others, it can retreat in meeting with people, letting your mind know to be careful. When you learn to rely on it and work with it can be a friend, a coach, a guide in your life when your mind does not know where to go, or how to act.
As a child most people enjoyed it, but something so natural and close in your life may easily be overlooked as something wonderful. If it were taken away from you, stolen by an outer influence you certainly would know what you are missing. But life has its ways and while growing up the Heart retreats to the background, in a slow pace, due the pressures of life. Eventually you do not miss it, or you do not know that you are backed by this force. When you forgot it, your self-assurance is degraded to the level you have today.
This sounds sad. Yes, but that is how it is for most. And most people find ways to compensate for this loss. By mind control, harnessing them and thereby closing parts of them. Sometimes some situations may make you remember by noticing a glimpse of that forgotten feeling of being yourself. These impressive moments may be washed away again by life’s pressures. Thou shall not be yourself.
Why do I use this archaic sentence? I use it because this happens generation after generation, again and again in a process of life that most of us know. Occasionally, you meet someone that somehow escaped this process. These free people have remarkable effects on others. Most are magnetized by them, and that is no wonder. These people remember you of that old forgotten treasure.
Look at the saying that goes like this: ”You don’t know what you’ve got, until you lose it.” I would like to change the last part to “until you are aware you lost it.” Do you know what I mean? Free people remind you of that. You can reach for your Heart too. I know from working with sensitive people that most sensitive people can reach out for that wonderful experience of opening up to their Heart potential.