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When would someone like to ground?

Various circumstances are thinkable when someone would like to ground. I take you through some circumstances to show you the widespread application of grounding. You should be centred in life as much as possible.

In many situations you are expected to be at ease. A situation can be at work when a meeting happens. Being at ease, you can better focus on what happens. If you expected to take the lead, then grounding will give you a sturdier presence. That will be unconsciously or consciously noticed by others. A lot happens between people, and that lot is energy transitions between people. And energy patterns carry information. When you stand firm or are at ease that message will be transferred and it could calm people, it could signal the confidence that others need to build for themselves.
Another working situation is in firm discussions where people tend to move energy to their heads. This is counterproductive. Ground while being in a firm discussion and you create space for yourself. Ground in a split second; regain yourself and regain your senses. You increase the chance for a better outcome.

In private situations among children it will be noticed whether you are centred. When you are grounded you signal it to the playing children. You can imagine what influence that will have on children. Usually it will offer them a comforting presence.
Other situations may be at the supermarket at rush hour. Ground and be more yourself in the hectic atmosphere. And when you are swept of your feet by something, you can regain yourself in a split second. Another example is where one would behave somewhat awkward, unsure among people. Get centred will do you so good. You may still dislike feeling somewhat awkward but you can take it, step out and regain control more easily.
Sometimes, you may feel somewhat dizzy but do not have an illness. You can benefit from grounding. Usually you become more firm and that can counterbalance the dizziness.
Some sensitive people get light headed when they are laughing out loud in presence with others. For some reason the energy mainly flows up, instead of in contact with Chi energy. Grounding helps you be yourself again.
When you are into meditation, then the grounding will help you get into the preferred meditation state faster. Ground before meditating, chances are that you move to deeper levels. Spirituality is all about being centred!
When you are into sports, GROUND. You get more balance and when you practice a contact sport your opponent will feel bumping into like bumping into a rock. You gain respect and that means advantage for you.

I presented some situations, you can think of your own experiences. Ground when you need it. When you do not know how to ground, read the book Heart Waves. You can ground in a split second.