All it takes is a sparkle of inspiratio

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Why would you ground?

That is a good question, especially when you are unfamiliar with subtle energies that flow through your body and around you. It may come as a surprise for some that these energies also interact between people. So why would you ground?

Getting centred in your body offer’s advantages. Some advantages are hidden or not easily noticed.

The obvious advantages are that it helps you stand firmly in contact with Earth. As you read the book, you will see that you can test whether you are well grounded or are not. The process of grounding, which takes a split second, can be noticed as a feeling or a flow in parts of your body. Most people subtly react on this grounding in their mood, making a shift to a sturdier position. Actually, some people can feel the energy flow through the feet. Grounding can give you strength and a noticeable sense to better cope with difficult situations.

The response of the body tells you something happens when you ground. The more hidden advantages are that energy from Earth, called Chi, gets balanced in your body. Chi is a life supporting energy for all creatures.
The unconscious of people notices everything. Not all comes to our consciousness. When you practice grounding often you can turn it in an automatic act. You can notice shifts in your body, the unconscious notices it also and will act on it. It will show its effect as you become surer of yourself, automatically, every day a bit more. In this way Chi energy flows in and out when you need it. The body reacts and for some readjust its posture. In this automatic process it helps some of you incarnate in your body. Some of you may have the larger part of the energy in the upper half of the body or worse around your head. Grounding helps you reconnect to Earth’s energy and thereby distribute the energy to lower body parts also. For some who usually do not notice much in their feet, this means that they experience their feet touching the ground. Grounding helps you take your place in the world.

Grounding takes a split second. Now, think of it. Why would you ground?