All it takes is a sparkle of inspiratio

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What happens when you are aware?

When you are aware, your senses are open like a blue sky.
You are present and ready for flow, that state where you can work successfully and work happy and do not get tired that easy. While you are aware, you might receive insights from nothing and I really mean from nothing. True creation comes from nothing. You receive it and with your abilities you can create it in life. The creation itself may require difficult work and endurance to gain the necessary qualities for professional creative work. But it can also be creative work in the hobbyist sphere. You apply the qualities you have to the insight you get. And when it is true creation, most people will love it.

When you are aware you notice on a deeper level. When someone speaks, you hear the words behind the words, you read the lines behind the written lines. You notice the true meaning that the creator of the writing could not write with words. When you listen to music, you listen behind the notes of the music. You connect!
When you are highly sensitive or sensitive with extrasensory perception you have a talent for awareness. Awareness is a practice that every sensitive human can use. If you are one of those sensitive people that experiences sensitivity as a burden, you need awareness to transform sensitivity to a treasure. Awareness is one of the things you need, to cope with your sensitivity.